An audit is a professional expertise that leads to a judgment regarding norms on financial statements, internal control, organisation, and procedure.

    Under the term audit is thus gathered evaluating, investigating, and controlling operations.
    An audit can be carried out in order to verify the compliance to rules or norms, but it can also be a qualitative process, which allows you to review the current situation, and to draw your strengths and weaknesses as well as possible improvement lines.
    Using this kind of exterior and impartial expertise thus aims at maximising the performance of your company by identifying how you can improve your process and provide the best quality to your clients.


    Carry out an expertise corresponding to your needs
    Assess your compliance and/or your weaknesses
    Define some improvement lines


    • Preliminary phase

    Our project managers define the elements on which the work and expertise have to be done as well as the technical support of the mission, if needed.

    • Field stage
    Our project managers work on the situation of your firm so as to get familiar to it. In order to do so, they work on the papers you provided them with as well as a potential period of observation within your firm. Therefore, they are able to organize interviews with workers to obtain genuine facts and testimony on the way the firm internally works.
    • Analytical phase
    The data gathered during the field stage are then analysed by the project managers who produce a synthesis of their research and observations. Finally, they formulate concrete recommendations for your business.

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