Survey administration allows you to gather precise and diverse information among vast samples

     For this type of prestations, ESCP Europe Conseil has a comparative advantage :

    • Its location at the very heart of Paris, which allows our pollsters to be mobile and reactive
    • Its presence in 6 European capitals, thanks to ESCP campuses, in Madrid, London, Berlin, Turin and Warsaw
    • A considerable amount of potential pollsters among which hundreds of international students at ESCP

    The results of the gathered data allow us to set up a clear vision of the behavior and customs of your clients, and thus provide you with conclusions and recommandations orienting optimally your decisions.

    The survey administration often fit in with a larger setting of market studies, satisfaction surveys or business plans.


    Ask the opinion of a large and representative panel
    Evaluate the relevance of a project or a potential market
    Adjust your project accordingly


    • Preliminary phase

    Elaboration of the surveys, definition of the sample, recruitment and training of the pollsters among ESCP Europe students.

    • Field phase

    Administration of the surveys (face-to-face, online or by telephone) to a representative sample of the target population. This phase is ensured by the recruited investigators. Our Project Managers ensure the smooth running of the mission by a daily supervision and follow-up.

    • Analysis phase

    The data collected during the field phase is analyzed by our Project Managers using the statistical methods taught at ESCP Europe. For example, basic sorting and cross sorting are performed to describe the sample and to generalize to the entire population by taking into account any statistical bias that characterizes a survey.

    The deliverables that we will give you at the end of the mission are the result of these successive stages. They consist of a detailed analysis highlighting the results of the survey and the characteristics of the sample, as well as the resulting conclusions and recommendations, which will help you orient your project at best


    Interested in survey administration?