A satisfaction survey aims to evaluate and estimate your clients’, employees’ and suppliers’ satisfaction degree.

    It allows you to detect the main satisfaction and dissatisfaction sources of your stakeholders and the reasons explaining these phenomenon.

    The satisfaction will allow you to benefit from accurate conclusions about your current situation but also from recommendations aiming to reduce discontentment causes and to reinforce the satisfaction sources.

    Our satisfaction survey are based on several indicators such as:

    • The Customer Satisfaction Score, which is the main used indicator by marketing department. It is developed from obtained answers to the following question: “ Which is your satisfaction level?” “ Are you satisfied with X?” etc
    • The Net Promoter Score (NPS) which measures your customers’ loyalty, their disposition to recommend your products or brand. It is calculated using the answers to the following question: “How would you rank the probability you recommend our company (or brand, or products…) to your friends or colleagues on a scale from 1 to 10?”.
    • The Customer Effort Score (CES), which measures the level of effort required for your customers to have their demands satisfied, is very useful to assess the quality of your customer service. In this regard, customers are asked to rank the effort they had to deploy on a scale from 1 to 5 – 1 being little effort.


    Assess your customers' global satisfaction
    Identify their needs and wants
    Adapt your offer to meet them


    • Preliminary phase

    Creation of the questionnaire, hiring and formation of interviewers among ESCP Europe students.


    • The Field phase

    Administration of the standardized questionnaire (online, face to face or by phone) to a sample of the target. The interviewers will be supervised by our project managers during the whole phase.

    Furthermore, ESCP Europe Conseil can organise focus group to better understand a target. Indeed, people will feel more at ease to speak in this kind of reunion rather than in a classic interview. In addition, it will be easier to catch their reactions.


    • Analytic phase
    Our Projects Managers analyse the resulsts of the enquest thanks to the statistics courses they followed at ESCP. For instance, we can make single and crosses analysis. They also use verbatim for qualitative surveys.
    After the analysis, thanks to the results, our Projects Managers will conclude about the consumers’ satisfaction on an offer, a product and about the strategy to adopt on a market and they will make recommandations in order for you to adapt your work to fit the needs of your consumers.

    Do you need a satisfaction survey?