Determine the strengths and weaknesses of your customer relationship

    ESCP Europe Conseil consultants visit your retail outlets and pose as potential customers in order to evaluate the way your sales assistants greet and serve customers, and make sure all your instructions – regarding sale and visual merchandising – are observed. We make mystery phone calls which operate on the same principle as well in order to asses the quality of your phone service.

    The use of external expertise for mystery shopping or calling aims to improve the customer relationship as part of a global quality approach within your company.


    Determine the current quality of your customer relationship
    Highlight its strengths and weaknesses
    Define areas of improvement


    • Preliminary phase

    In collaboration with you, we build an evaluation grid as well as a scenario for mystery shopping or calling in order  to assess and approve the sites to be visited.

    • Field stage

    Visits or phone calls are most of the time carried out by investigators recruited among students of ESCP Europe. After a briefing about what is at stake in the mission, these investigators follow the scenario that has been collaboratively written with you. Moreover, they are continuously monitored by our project managers so that you can be updated in real time about your ongoing mission.

    • Analysis phase

    The information that has been gathered during visits or phone calls is then compiled and analysed by our project managers. These analysis allow us to draw some conclusions and suggest some operational recommendations, in order for you to improve the selling process, customer experimentation and relationship.

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