The Business plan is a key document for every entrepreneur or SME wishing to test the relevance of its own project before raising funds to realise it.

    It is a crucial factor because it should allow the reader to answer 4 essential questions : where does the firm come from? Where does it go? How far does it intend to go? What is the performance over time?
    The Business Plan should not be considered as an unnecessary constraint but as a moment of reflection and formalization. This is an opportunity to reflect deeply on your project and your strategy. But also to become aware of your potential shortcomings, or strengths on which you must capitalize.
    It is therefore an essential tool, helping the company’s management, and allowing you to see if your project is coherent and achievable.
    The Business Plan will obviously also aim to demonstrate the feasibility of your project, but also convince and inspire confidence in banks and investors.


    To be used as an anticipation and steering instrument
    To prove the feasibility of the project
    To inspire trust in order to raise funds successfully


    A business plan is composed of 3 phases: the tactical vision, the operational vision and the financial vision of your project.

    The tactical vision is created after a market research in which an analysis of your competitors, a SWOT analysis and a positioning study have been carried out. This preliminary research allows us to determine the strengths of your business model and to investigate the feasability of your project. The operational vision aims to identify the marketing and commercial levers of your project: pricing validation, estimation of sales and market shares, determination of break-even points as well as distribution channels.

    The financial analysis consists in auditing your business model and estimating a forecast of your financial results (EBITDA margin, Free Cash-Flow, P&L etc.). It is the cornerstone for an investor assessment. At the end of this stage, we will be able to reckon the financial potential of your project and its needs for capital.

    The deliverables that will be handed over to you will be the results of these successive stages. They will be: – A Business Plan document – A financial model with several scenarios (Excel document) – A PowerPoint document that can be used as a medium of presentation for potential investors

    Do you need a Business Plan?