Move to the next level

    Our Business Cursus has completely change our way of doing business : we now use the same process as consulting firms to hire our juniors. This means more profesionnalism and quality for you.

    To achieve it, we recently changed our recruitment process. We interview the candidates before challenging them with case studies to pick the better candidates. Most of the case studies are in groups, given that teamwork is essential to our work and philosophy, and as important as the technical skills.

    Build up lasting relationships with our clients

    ESCP Europe Consulting has a real customer loyalty strategy in order to have longterm relationships with our clients.

    That is only how we can gain new clients’ trust, with new missions each time more educative and demanding

    Strengthening our international identity

    We aim at recruiting more international students in our team : we are proud to have among our junior-consultants Indian, Chinese, Romanian and Italian students whose personal and professional experiences help us open our eyes to the issues that we face. For this reason, they are genuine added value to us !

    We strive to create a new branch in London. A delegation will be sent there a whole semester next year so as to lay the administrative foundation of the structure and start negotiating our first partnerships with local companies. We rely heavily on this project as it can provide us with a unique status in comparison with french Junior-Enterprises.