Among the 25 project managers of ESCP Europe Conseil, the London Office is formed of 6 project managers, all in second year of ESCP Europe Programme Grande Ecole

    A president, a secretary general, a treasurer, a business development manager, a communication & IT manager and a quality manager compose the Board of the association. They all have a role and specific skills ensuring the proper internal functioning of our student consulting group.

    The next mandate is made up of ESCP Europe first-year students. They are recruited in November and trained until the handover in May. During that period, they learn from their elders thanks to a mentorship program which has proved very successful over the past few years.

    The Board

    Laura Discors


    Baptiste Gatin


    Alix Boudet

    Secretary General

    Yahia Ed-dahmani

    Quality Manager

    Grégoire Souverain

    Communication & IT manager

    Armand Silly

    Business Development Manager